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June 2009

Download links: Powerpoint slides + On-demand Testing Webinar

Here are your direct download links for our ‘Top 4 Surprising A/B Test Case Studies’ webinar (yes you can share these with friends):

**Click here to see just the PowerPoint Slides (9Mb).

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New Test for Your Vote: Shorter vs. Longer Lead Gen Forms

It’s time for you to cast your vote for this week’s test and find out the real-life results.

How much does the length of a lead generation form matter?  Should you be agonizing over every added question on your form? Click over to WhichTestWon.com now.

Looking forward to your reaction!

P.S. Thanks to everyone who blogged and/or Twittered about WhichTestWon this past week, especially Chris Knight, Dianna Huff, Raquel Hirsch, Karon Thackston, AChartman, Bonnie Schwartz, YuccaBristol, DanKlyn, Jon Aizlewood, David James, KPInomics, Ledermanu,  Sandr van der Kolk, and Dylan Boyd at The Email Wars.

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