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August 2009

New Test for Your Vote: Ecommerce Cart Tweaks

If you want to raise ecommerce sales, this week’s test is for you.

The test, run by Laura Ashley’s UK apparel and home furnishings site, resulted in nearly a 20% lift! The coolest thing, to my mind, is that both test panels you’ll see on our site were designed using best practices. So, even if your cart is cleanly designed and uses best practices, testing tweaks can create a big bump in conversions.

I hope you enjoy it. The link again: WhichTestWon.com

P.S. Thanks to everyone who blogged and/or Twittered about us this past week, especially Jim Kukral, Usability London Blog, Martina Stoyanova, Mark Red Blog, The Email Guide, Jonathon Grapsas, Chris Rizzo, Mitchel Harad, Compendium Blogware, Allied Internet, Suzi Shapiro, Jay Eskenazi, Phelan Riessen, Jesse Kanclerz, and Loren McDonald.

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Download Link for Google’s Testing Webinar + PDF

In case you weren’t able to make it yesterday, I’ve posted a free on-demand version of our ‘Google’s Own Tests’ webinar, plus a PDF of the presentation slides for you at:
Google’s Own Tests Webinar

Attendees voted Trevor the highest “good speaker” score of anyone I’ve ever done a webinar with – pretty amazing. His case studies included one where he tested a bullet-point list versus a video (the video lost!) and results from a YouTube sign-up offer test.

He also revealed his own testing tips, did a useful Q&A session, and evaluated a Classmates.com site page to suggest testing ideas.

Yes, you may share this hotlink to the on-demand webinar and PDF with all your colleagues, Twitter-pals, blog-readers, etc. Google’s Own Tests Webinar

Thanks — and enjoy!

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Copywriting Test to Vote On: Bullets vs. Prose

Another test for copywriting fans! This one is prose paragraph “about us” copy versus “you”-focused bullet points.

I’ve seen tests like this performed on many, many sites (this one is a big Swedish site) with great results. But, the results are not as predictable as you might think. (Hint: read to the end of our “results” info after you vote.)

BTW: The creative samples you’ll vote on are in Swedish, but we do provide a translation on the results page. Both versions are very well-written and contain strong benefit copy. It’s truly a match of potential equals.

P.S. Thanks to everyone who helped spread the word about us this week, especially Ogilvy Digital, The Email Guide, Internet Marketing Report, Janet Roberts, Kathy G Sexton, eMagine USA, Deepak Kumar, Charlie Cole, Julie Power, MP Stearns, Jeff Rutherford, Toby Marshall, and the Search Marketing Goodness blog.

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