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September 2009

New Test for Your Vote: Do Blondes Get More Clicks?

If you run PPC landing page tests, or you’ve ever agonized over the choice of which model photo or copy-length works best for conversions, you should vote on this new A/B test.

By the way — there is a surprise ending that you’ll discover after you vote. Enjoy! The direct link again: http://whichtestwon.com/archives/1980.

P.S. Thanks to everyone who hotlinked to us this past week, especially Peter Lowe, Julie Power, eROI (repeatedly), Yaniv Nizan, Mary Flaherty, Aaron Bradley, Leighanne Stainer, Daniel Sevitt, Daniel Foster, Francesca ReDavid, Nicolas Sacré, Sam England, David Travis, Lois Karen Geller, TreeHouse Interactive, SBC Fulfillment, Daniel Foster, Claire Burdett, and Pedro Herique.

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Download Link for B2B Testing Webinar + Slides

In case you weren’t able to make it yesterday, I’ve posted a free on-demand version of our ‘B2B Marketing Tests’ webinar, plus a copy of the Powerpoint deck for you online.

We focused specifically on B2B lead generation landing pages and registration forms. Of the 5 case studies presented, my favorite was an AMAZING new test from Mac McIntosh where he removed the registration barrier completely from a white paper… but then got loads of prospects to sign up as leads on his Thank-you page that appeared *after* the download.

Such a great idea – I am absolutely going to test it myself and you should consider it too.

Yes, you may share this hotlink to the on-demand webinar and PDF with all your colleagues, Twitter-pals, blog-readers, etc. ‘B2B Marketing Tests’ webinar

Thanks — and enjoy!

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Video Sound Test for Your Vote

New Video Marketing Test for Your Vote:
If your past homepage tests have shown autoplaying videos increases conversions, should you autoplay the sound too or just the visual? Yes, conversions are different. Click to guess which one won.

P.S. Thanks to everyone who tweeted or blogged about WhichTestWon this past week, including Christian Little, Mike Coble, Alice O’Brien, TJ Sondermann, Melissa Davies, Michael Zipursky, Courtney Stoll, Arke Systems, Reply! Marketplace, Momentum Conferencing, Erica Stritch, Cathy Stucker, and the WordPress4Dummies Blog.

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