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November 2009

Awesome Download: Top 7 Testing Pitfalls (Ronny Kohavi) Slides & MP3s

If you weren’t able to make yesterday’s Webinar, Ronny Kohavi’s Top 7 Testing Pitfalls, run (do not walk) to check out the on-demand version & PowerPoints now online. Honestly – it was that good.

First, Ronny shared three case studies of tests on Microsoft’s sites (I guessed wrong on two of them… a humbling experience.) Then he revealed his “7 pitfalls”, including JavaScript-running robots, Simpson’s Paradox, and Fieller’s Formula. Lastly, he answered 20-minutes of Q&A including how to get your hands on one of Microsoft’s toy hippos; why he runs tests for two-four weeks even for sites with millions of visitors; and a useful link to his team’s ‘test population calculator.’

Here’s what webinar attendees said about Ronny’s presentation:

“It was great. My company runs a ton of online tests and the 7 pitfalls were great and even had some that I wasn’t aware of.”

“This was definitely one of the best webinars I’ve seen in quite some time. The topic was covered very well with great examples and quick to the point”

“It was awesome!”

“It was great and I was able to stay engaged the whole time. Thanks for the extremely valuable information!”

“Very impressed thank you so much.”

“I loved it.”

Note: I didn’t edit out any negative comments because there were *no* negative comments. As always, this webinar is completely complimentary for WhichTestWon.com readers. Here’s the link again — and yes, you may share this link with your colleagues: http://whichtestwon.com/ronny-kohavi-webinar/


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New Test for Your Vote: Which PPC Landing Page Got 84.6% More Orders?

This week’s test of a PPC landing page with an ecommerce offer has fantastic results — actual purchases went up by 84.6%. Vote here & see the real-life pages tested.

Often when a test has such dramatic results, it means the losing page was pretty bad. But, that’s not the case here.  The losing page was actually better (nice big buttons, benefit-oriented copy, bullet points, no distractions) than many PPC landing pages I see out there.

So, this is a nice test to show to a non-believer at your company. If there’s someone who scoffs at the importance of testing, someone who says, “We don’t need testing in the budget for 2010,” make them click over to see this test.  84.6% more purchases – you can’t scoff at those results.

The test link again http://whichtestwon.com/ppc-ecommerce/

P.S. Thanks to everyone who hotlinked to us this past week, especially Tom Kulzer and the folks at AWeber, as well as Marco Massara, Matrix Group International Inc., Bibi Mukherjee, Andy Wichary, Netkutatasok, Doug Somerville, Philippe Morin, Bethesda Emedia Marketing, Kim Cornwall Malseed, Jim Gross, and the Search Marketing Sage Blog.

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Classic Test for Your Vote: Multi-page vs. Single-page Forms?

In honor of Veteran’s Day today, I’ve re-posted my favorite past test from June. The question: if you have a long application form (or registration form), should you keep it all on one page or should you break it up into a series of shorter pages? Click here to vote: http://whichtestwon.com/multi-page-form/

**New voting results are in: for the past three weeks I’ve asked site visitors to vote on which topic they wanted to hear Microsoft’s testing guru, Ronny Kohavi, present at our webinar next Wednesday. 59% of voters chose “Top 7 Testing Pitfalls” — so he’s prepping that speech right now.

P.S. Thanks to everyone who hotlinked to us this past week, especially Linda Bustos, Scott Miller, Amadesa, Out-Smarts Marketing Incorporated Blog, Wingify Conversion Optimization Blog, Marketing Beercast, Matt Pantaleone, Keith Hagen, Marco Massara, Heidi Ocker, Mark Comerford, Klara Hyper Island, Stany Vanden Eycken, Matt Kydd, Marc Bitanga, Mark Magnusson, Hugo Guzman, Yaniv Vararu, Pat Marcello, Melissa Mackey, Leighanne Stainer, Susan Shaffer, and John Yuill.

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