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March 2010

New A/B Test for Your Vote: Lead Generation Form Design

This week’s test is between two very different designs for a PPC landing page promoting UK sweeps entries. Click to see if you can pick the creative that got 16% more consumers to fill out a longish form.

I don’t know about you, but form design is a HUGE obsession of mine. You’re balancing the need to get visitors to fill out a list of questions and, at the same time keep your submit button high enough up that it’s not too far below the fold. These two objectives do not play nicely together. There’s no perfect solution… except testing.

Got any form design war stories to share? I’d love to hear them!

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New A/B Test for Your Vote: Our First Email Test

Yeah! Here’s the very first email campaign A/B test to be presented for your vote — can you guess which version got 51% more clicks?

Note: I get very frustrated because too many marketers focus only on growing their list size, instead of testing and optimizing their campaigns to get a far better responses. Guys, size means nothing compared to response rate ;-)

If you’ve done any well-performing email tests we might want to feature, please drop a line to our senior reporter Natalie Myers at NatalieM (at) WhichTestWon.com

And, be sure to vote on this week’s test here. Thanks!

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New A/B Test for Your Vote: 2010 Olympic Store Design – Clean vs Cluttered?

Which works best — cleaner or more cluttered design? Check out this real-life a/b test conducted on Vancouver’s 2010 Olympic Store this February and pick the page design you think is best.

By the way, if you are a fan of persona-based design, I’d say these test results are highly indicative that we all need to consider it.

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