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September 2010

New A/B Test for Your Vote: Does Size Matter? Small vs. Large Form Overlay

Both email opt-in form overlays in this A/B test are identical in every way except for size. See if you can guess which one got more visitors to opt-in by submitting their email address?

What’s unique about this test is that the overlay was on a PPC landing page. So all traffic directed to it came from PPC ads around keyword search terms relating to ‘free crochet patterns.’ The site, FaveCrafts, is a free content site that provides hundreds of free craft projects and articles about crafts.

Vote for the one you think won, and then please post a comment about why you think the winning image won.

On a side note: We added new Twitter options to the end of the results write-up. If you guessed it right, you can Twitter that you got it right. If you guessed wrong, you can Twitter you got it wrong.

P.S. Thanks to all the people who linked to us and helped get the word out about WhichTestWon.com this past week, including Amadesa, Angie Schottmuller, Bixbe, Biz2Biz Northwest Arkansas, Chris Motes, Debbie Swider, Dimiter Simov, Dwaine Browne, Facts and Figures, Geni Whitehouse, Get in the Inbox, Jennipher Pham, JpMaxMan, Kati Herranen, Linda Eaves,Lynne Marmulstein, Martina DallaVecchia, Morgan Evans, OMConnect, Proimpact7, Jan Petrovic, Rebecca Cochran, RMM Online Advertising Blog, Rob Ainbinder, Shelby Sanchez, Shelley Ryan, The Copywriting Maven, Roberta Rosenberg, Toren Ajk, Vladimir, Vojta Svoboda, Webutation.

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