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November 2010

How to Win the Office Politics Battle for Marketing Tests

As you prep for the four-day holiday weekend, we thought we’d share our free “Office Politics & Battling Budgets” PDF to help you jump start a testing program when you return.

If you’re unable to convince the stakeholders in your company to allow tests, it’s the perfect weapon for fighting (or rather, schmoozing) your way to testing success.

You’ll learn: how to create a 4-part presentation to convince the C-level; how to get IT on your side; and how to run a trial test.

Enjoy – and see you next week when I’ll bring you a brand new test to vote on!

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New A/B Test for Your Vote: Which Store Page Template Got 34% More Add-to-Cart Clicks?

This week’s test pits a left-side navigation bar against a right-side column of in-house promotional ads. Can you guess which ecommerce store page template got more add-to-cart clicks?

Keep in mind that this was a site-wide template test. The testers wanted to see if taking away the promo column and adding a nav bar to the left side of the page would boost conversions.

Please remember to tell us why you voted for Version A or B in the comments section after you vote. http://whichtestwon.com/archives/5757

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New A/B Test for Your Vote: Nonprofit Tests Its Donation Form Page – Gets 10.2% Lift

Does your form page need a little help? This week’s test shows how one nonprofit got a 10.2% lift in average donation amounts (equaling $1.02 million) by making some simple changes. Take a look and get ideas about what to test.

Note that both forms have the same copy. The changes had more to do with layout and button copy. Most of the page traffic came from a gigantic “Donate” button on the homepage — that alone is worth testing, especially for nonprofits.

Remember, please tell us why you voted for Version A or B in the comments section after you vote. http://whichtestwon.com/archives/5690

Wow! This week exceeded last week in terms of the volume of people who linked to our site. Thanks, again, everyone. 146 this week!

P.S. Thanks to the *oodles* of people and blogs who linked to us and helped get the word out about WhichTestWon.com this past week, including Adamzais, Aimee Kessler Evans, Alastair Campbell, Alex Dalidakis, Alexis Antonelli, Alfonso Ferrandez, Amy Harrison, Andrew Showman, Andy T, Angie Schottmuller, Anna Gervai, Anthony Onesto, badenprojekt, Bogdan Aron, Braj Panda, Brenna Holmes, Bud Harms, Captain Inbox, Capterra, Carl Schmidt, Charlotte H Babb, Chester Bullock, Chris Creed, Chris Mapson, CopyClips, Cynthia Lapratte, Datarati, David Evans, David Travis, David York, Debbie Bellis, Dennis Winkel, DiamondWebConversion, Doug Hudiburg, edelagrave, Elastic Path, eMarketing & New Media, Enquiro, Entrepreneur Forums, Erica DeWolf, Gabriel DiCristofaro, Gary McClurkin, gianfranco cuzziol, GildaSt, Gogo Erekosima, Henrique Garcia, hermione1, Hilary Smith, Inbound Experts, ion interactive, James Shaw, James Svoboda, Janet Aldrich, Jason, Jeff N. Lerch, jeremydthomson, Jessica Mercado, Jim Goldberg, John Breese, John Yesko, Jon Whitehead, Jordi Andreu, Joseph Doughty, Joy Hawkins, Joy Shipman, Juan Delard de R., Juan Macias, Judith Blanken, Kate Hallock, Keith Hagen, kenbeatson, Kenichi Suzuki, Kerry, Keven Ellison, Kevin Hillstrom, Kristján Gunnarsson, Lalita Chandel, Landing Page Tips, Leah May, Leonie Millenaar, Linda Bustos, Lori Offenbecher, LUMINOUS, Lynne Kilgore, MagentoMemento, Marc Munier, Marije Postel, Mark Polson, Matthew Kimberley, Megan Petersen, Michel Fortin, Michele Hinojosa, Mike Mountford, minami web, MineThatData, Mitch Tarr, Olexandr Prokhorenko, Optimizely, Patricia Hader, Patrick Bakker, Paul Gailey, Paul Spikmans, Philippe Morin, r9tee, Rafael Vargas, Rebecca Le Grange, Red Propeller, Richard Ingersoll, Robert Seres, Roberta Rosenberg, Ross Schmadebeck, RubyDo, Ryan Rijken, Sandra Newton, Sarah Naeher, Sarah Ryan, Séamus Coogan, Sean Polay, Shawna Seigel, Simon Lilly, Simon Malcolm, Simon Surtees, Stan DeVaughn, Star Zagofsky, Steen Olsen, Stefan van Lierop, Stephanie Kaleva, Steve Lampert, sue Jespersen, Susan Shaffer, ted howe, The Megaphone, tmsg, Tracy Weber, Tricia McCune-Bolam, tyesha snow, Tym Barker, Vanessa Bright, Victoria, Will Scully-Power.

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