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January 2011

How to Enter the Testing Awards: Your Chance for Fame (Deadline Feb 7th)

Did you run an a/b or multivariate test in 2010?  Click to enter WhichTestWon’s Testing Awards right away (deadline Feb 7th)

Thanks to support from our sponsors Unica, Awards entries are free. Unica’s goal – and ours – is to encourage as many marketers and analytics pros to enter as possible in your choice of 20 categories, including B2B, social media, banners, landing pages, home pages, copywriting tests, video marketing, ecommerce, etc.

Yes — if you are an agency, consultant or testing tech company, you may enter on behalf of your clients. (Please get clients’ permission first of course.) and we’ll include a link to you on our winners’ page as well as a link to your client’s site.

Also yes — although our judges require some results data to help them pick winners, you absolutely may ask that we keep the data completely *secret* and not reveal it to the public.

This year’s judges include Bryan Eisenberg, author of the NY Times Bestseller ‘Always Be Testing‘, WhichTestWon Sr Reporter Natalie Tomasso, Unica’s Len Schneyder, and myself (Anne Holland).

We want to give out as many gold and silver ribbons as possible — and celebrate the art and science of testing.  If you’ve run a test, we want to hear about it! http://whichtestwon.com/about-testing-awards

Please submit your entry today — and then also please help us spread the word.  Tweet, blog, pass along this email … whatever it takes.  This is for the benefit and inspiration of everyone in the marketing and analytics community.

Go for it! http://whichtestwon.com/about-testing-awards

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New A/B Test for Your Vote: Color vs. Size – Which Text Link Got More Clicks?

How much does the color or size of your text links really matter? To find out, a technology entrepreneur tested a smaller red download link vs. a larger black link. Check out this week’s test to find out which one increased conversions by 37.3%.

This was a multivariate test, so there were a total of 12 pages tested. But the two pages we featured pit the overall winner against a lesser competitor. Results between Versions A and B reached 99% confidence.

Don’t forget to share your insights and comments after you vote: http://whichtestwon.com/archives/7109

New! WhichTestWon is offering professional training & certification in Conversion Rate Optimization & Testing Fundamentals. Check it out: http://whichtestwon.com/training-certification

P.S. Thanks to the *gazillion* people and blogs who linked to us and helped get the word out about WhichTestWon.com this past week, including Agency Republic, Alex Harris, Alexander Gut, Alexandra Gresham, Alexios Panagopoulos, Alexis Antonelli, Alvin Eugenio, Amanda Martinez, Amy Lindahl, André Ryan Gravador, Andrea Vit, Andrew Baker, Angie Schottmuller, ascf, Ashley Scheck, AWP, b_young, Beny Schonfeld, Bill Meirs, Brecht Palombo, Brendan Hughes, Brendan McCoy, Brian Channell, BzerkMedia, Carl Schmidt, Carlos Grotger, Charles Warnock, Christine Martell, Concept Feedback, Conor Byrne,  D Bnonn Tennant, Damian & Miguel, Damian O’Broin, Daniel Pankatz, Datarati, David Travis, Debbie Swider, DiamondWebConversion, DirectFoquest, djamesbethesda, Don Hutcheson, Don Trueson, Donna Suen, Doug Hudiburg, Elastic Path, Elise M. Phillips, Emailcenter, emyselfandi, Epo, Farees Mohiuddin, Fav Tweeps, Fedotov Alex, Finge, Florence Dujardin, Francois, frank goertzen, Freddie Young, Gabor Kovacs, Gary Robinson, General Musing, Geni Whitehouse, iamreff, Igraynne, IndioImperator, Ineke Leclercq, Insite Software, ion interactive, Iván Fanego, JaapJS, Jacques Bakx, James Svoboda, Jazmin Hupp, jchiavas, Jen Brannstrom, Jennifer Fontaine, Jeremy B. Shapiro, Jeremy Conant, Jeremy Walker, Jerzee Trash, Jessica Collier, joansmyth, Joel Voysey, Jörg Dennis Krüger, Joris Boon, Josh Summerhays, June Macdonald, Justin Hunter, Justin Seibert, Karl Gilis, Katie Delahaye Paine, Keith Hagen, Kevin McCaffrey, Kraig Guffey, kuleanadesign, Kyle Durand, KyokoTanaka, Landing Page Tips, Lars Johansson, LIDA Tweets, Lisa Keller, Location3 Media, Lynn Crymble, Machiel van de Poll, Marielle, Marissa Bracke, Mark Gottlieb, Marketing Results, Marketing Results, Martin Black, Massimo Paolini, Mathias Bak, Mathijs v/d Linden, Matías Candal, MCorrea, Megan Petersen, Melissa Bader, Michael, Michel Fortin, Michele Souder, Mickael Bentz, Mike Belasco, Misty, Mitch Tarr, Naomi Niles, Naomi Niles, Niels Langeveld, Nino Gen, Olesya Moskotova, Pamela I Wilson, PascalvH, Paul Bridgeman, Paul Lima, Paul Rouke, Pedro Jesús González, PennyMoxie, Per Chr. Aagenæs, Per Fossum, Peter de Haas, Petr Havlik, PLS Launch Solutions, Rajiv Mathew, Rakesh Ojha, Raúl Abad, Rene L. Milligan, Rex Anthony F, Robert Brady, Robert Seres, Roberta Rosenberg, robertlin, Romain BOYER, Ross Schmadebeck, rspekle, rubhee, Ruud Boogaard, Samuel_johns, Sarah Desilets, Sarah L Mackenzie, Sean O’Donovan, Serge Descombes, Simen Berg, Simon Malcolm, Social Media Club, SophyMav, Soulful Branding, Sripad Rao, Steen Olsen, Stefan van Lierop, Stefan Wobben, Stephen Wade, sue Jespersen, summeryanks, Susan Shaffer, Team Monetate, Theresa B. Clarke,Tjeerd, Tom Downes, Tomas, Toni_Knowles, Tracy Keith, tyesha snow, Vanessa Long, Victor Gonzalez, webhat/redhat, Wendy Krautkramer, Will Jones, and Will Scully-Power.

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New A/B Test for Your Vote: DHL Tests Male vs. Female Image on PPC Landing Page

See what happened when mega shipping company DHL Express tested a male vs. female image in the page header of a PPC Landing Page targeted at Norwegians. Click here and vote on this week’s test.

Note that the ONLY difference between the two landing pages is the image of the male or female courier. The goal was to find out which image appealed most to Norwegians: the one that most resembled local couriers (the man) or the one that didn’t resemble local couriers (the woman).

Don’t forget to share your insights and comments after you vote: http://whichtestwon.com/archives/7061

Great News! We just launched our 2010 Testing Awards! Deadline: Feb. 7. For those who care to earn some “Testing Superstar” fame you can find out more here: http://whichtestwon.com/about-testing-awards

Entry is easy. Just fill out a simple Nomination Form.

P.S. Thanks to the *dozens* of people and blogs who linked to us  and helped get the word out about WhichTestWon.com this past week, including Abey John, Achean Limited, Adam Detrick, Adam Munsterman, adamzais, Al Mackay, Amanda M., Amy Lindahl, Analytic Bridge, André Luiz, Angela Daniels, Angie Nikoleychuk, Angie Schottmuller, Anna Gervai, Anthony Onesto, BO.LT, Bob Burch, breffni, Brendan Hughes, Brenna Holmes, Brian Hansford, Brian Karbel, Bruce Moore, Candi On Content, Carl Schmidt, Carlos Grotger, Chris Pannell, Corey Ganzman, Dan Marks, Dan Wiltse, dangeaves, Daniel Dessinger, Daniel Schwartz, Datarati, David Evans, david pavlicko, Deborah OMalley, Drew Harding, droudable wirehead, Dwipal Desai, Elastic Path, Elena Gerstmann, Elise M. Phillips, Email Marketing, Erin Whalen, Fiona Cole, Frédérick Parent, Gary McClurkin, Geni Whitehouse, Gill Dawson, Gilles de Sitter, Gordon_newman, GuidoPostma.nl, Hile Design, Inman News, ion interactive, JaapJS, Jackson Lo, Janet Aldrich, jchiavas, jeannehopkins, Jelle Annaars, Jereme Wong, Jeremy Conant, Jessica Collier, JF Monfette, John Bromels, John Cecil, Jonathan Dean, Jussi Mäkinen, Karl Gilis, karorynka, Kate Morris, Kazumasa Harumoto, Kelly Barlow, Kiss Péter Zoltán, Kristiaan Kremer, Kristina Stiffler, Landing Page Tips, Laura Mitchell, Laurent EDEL, Lavon Temple, Leandra Soares, Len Shneyder, Liam Lally, Googler, Linda Bustos, Loren Sanders, Lynn Goehring, Macully Clayton, Made You Look Copy, Margaret Angell, Marielle, Marilyn Kay, MarketingThatWorksTV, Massimo Paolini, Mathijs v/d Linden, Matías Candal, Matthew Curry, Meg Walker Robinson, Megan Anderson, Megan Jones, Megan Petersen, Meghan Avijaykumar, Melody Lentsch, Michel Fortin, Mike McKee, Mikel Perez Isasi, Naomi Niles, New Leaf Interactive, Niels Langeveld, Nirav Ranpuria, Olesya Moskotova, One Minute Web, optivo , P. Joy Siegel, Padi Code, Pat Marcello, Patrick Beezy, Paul Glenn, Paul Rouke, Pedro Jesús González, Petr Havlik, Philippe Morin, Raymond Wong, Richard Ingersoll, Rob Paredes, Robert Estupinian, Ron Gidron, Ross Schmadebeck, Sami Suni, Sarah Fatima Parsons, Sarah L Mackenzie, Sarah Naeher, Sebastien Yanni, Sergey Chernyshev, Stephen Cobb, Stephen Wade, Steve Dwyer, Steve Wellsborough, Susan Shaffer, Tanya Watson, Team Monetate, The Fiddler Group, TMG Custom Media, Todd Follansbee, Ulrike Singer-Bayrle, Unica, Vanessa Bright, Visitor Centric, Web Performance Today, Will Scully-Power & Yuri Schouten.

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