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January 2012

New A/B Test for Your Vote: How to Sell More Beer (Copywriting Conflict…)

Can you guess which homepage sold more beer-making kits to Canadian consumers during this past holiday season?

This test was the result of a BIG copywriting conflict between the site’s founders.  One was certain different homepage copy would increase ecommerce sales.  His co-founders thought he was completely and utterly wrong.  So, they ran this test….

BTW: It’s a newish site, and most traffic came from PR-driven media mentions.  So, visitors had likely never been to the site before.

Take your best shot at guessing which version sold more beer kits and then post your comments:


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Call for Entries: Win a Testing Award — Here’s How

Yeah!  It’s time to nominate yourself for WhichTestWon’s 3rd
Annual Online Test Awards:


Thanks for a generous sponsorship from Monetate, entries are free. You can enter as many a/b or multivariate tests as you’d like.  Categories include:

- Landing pages
- Ecommerce sites and carts
- Lead generation forms
- Social media campaigns
- Mobile tests

Anyone can enter, as long as your test was conducted in 2011 and it was conclusive. If you are a service provider to the field, you can enter on behalf of clients, but please get their permission beforehand :-) .  If your test was in a non-English language, please include a translation.

Lastly, yes, you may request that your test’s results data be kept private.  (Only the judges will see it.)  So entering doesn’t involve any risk on your part, and carries the possibility of GLORY!

We’re giving away 20 Gold and Silver Ribbons this year — doesn’t your test deserve to get one of them? Go to:

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New A/B Test for Your Vote: Landing Page Navigation Bars – good or bad?

Can you guess which landing page version got DOUBLE the conversion rate of the other? The only difference between the two is that one has a top nav bar, and the other does not.

Conversions were the number of visitors who signed up to start a wedding registry on this kitchen ecommerce site. The site’s popular in South Africa, but we think this landing page test could yield eye-opening results in any country in the world.

So, take your best shot at guessing which version did better, and then post your comments:


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