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February 2012

New A/B Test for Your Vote: Button Colors – which got 37.8% more clicks?

Can you guess which button color increased page-wide clicks to a lead gen form by 37.8%?  Nothing else on the page changed — it was a pure and simple A/B test.

This test should be fairly easy for you to guess correctly if  you’ve had much conversion optimization experience. No surprises. But, it’s awfully handy if you need “evidence” to convince a boss or client to let you gussy their button up a bit.

Enjoy :-) http://whichtestwon.com/archives/14227

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New A/B Test for Your Vote: Ecommerce Cart – Clean vs Cluttered?

Can you guess which ecommerce cart design converted 5% more online sales for DELL?

The carts are identical, except for the top nav bar.  One is very clean (in fact, nearly empty) while the other has several links.  I personally love a ‘clean vs clutter’ test, so this was great fun for me to vote on.

What do you think?


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