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New Test for Your Vote: 404 Page – Lots o’ Links vs. Branding Image?

Wow, the winning 404 page-style for this test lifted average revenue per visit by 73.62%. Who knew a ‘page not found’ page, that most marketers use a default design for, could be worth so much to the bottom line? Vote here & see the real-life examples and results.

Also, if you’re debating billboard-style branding images versus pages full of useful text links, you’ll find this test fascinating. I sure did. The link again http://whichtestwon.com/404-test/

P.S. Thanks to everyone who hotlinked to us this past week, especially Glenn Hilton, Tina Kells, The Baum Group, James Erickson, Chris Knight, Zack Naylor, Gary J Anderson, Michael Zipursky, Dean Gannon, Push Internet, Ryan Poznikoff,  Pavlicko, Litle & Co., Andrew Hoefener, and my pals the ‘hotshots’ (you know who you are).

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