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New A/B Test for Your Vote: Email Test Boosts College Applications by 558%

When the goal is to convince 20- and 30-somethings to apply to law school, which email do you think would be more effective: One that highlights studying in Florida and a free iPod or one that highlights a “revolutionary” law school and up to $20,000 in scholarships?

Click here to vote on this week’s test and see which one boosted online applications 558% for a Florida law school.

Please don’t forget to share your insights and comments about the winning page after you vote: http://whichtestwon.com/archives/10578

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P.S. Thanks to all the people and blogs who linked to us and helped get the word out about WhichTestWon.com this past week, including Anton Stetner, Aubrey Klein, Audrey Schmelzle, Barbar Bosack, Beata Macie, Bennie Rippee, Chris Krauskopf, Cira Stills, Danille Palma, Datarati, Double Plus, Drew Lacewell, Elane Tehrani, Ewa Pluym, Gene Brothers, Governor Technology, Hannah Schonack, Harmen Visscher, Janay Dipiazza, Janet Slack, Jason Buzzell, Karry Lehnert, Kimberly, Kristle Bodi, Laila Gsell, Larry Sivitz,  Lavone Alberty, Leah Dubyk, Lee P. Barth, Lian van de Wiel, Louie Parcell, Madelaine Merrifield, Mallorie Rodak, Michel Tel Assen, Mikki Bridgette, Narcisa Garr, Nichole Hutchins, Peak Usability, Peter Hawtin, Raven Memory, Regina Palazzo, Retail Tweets, Robert Brugman, Robert Lang, Sarah Naeher, See Braasch, Simon Malcolm, Tatyana Wunderle, Tim Bete, Tonette Vig, Treva Duckwall, Ty Snouffer, Will Scully-Power.

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