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Download Link for Google’s Testing Webinar + PDF

In case you weren’t able to make it yesterday, I’ve posted a free on-demand version of our ‘Google’s Own Tests’ webinar, plus a PDF of the presentation slides for you at:
Google’s Own Tests Webinar

Attendees voted Trevor the highest “good speaker” score of anyone I’ve ever done a webinar with – pretty amazing. His case studies included one where he tested a bullet-point list versus a video (the video lost!) and results from a YouTube sign-up offer test.

He also revealed his own testing tips, did a useful Q&A session, and evaluated a Classmates.com site page to suggest testing ideas.

Yes, you may share this hotlink to the on-demand webinar and PDF with all your colleagues, Twitter-pals, blog-readers, etc. Google’s Own Tests Webinar

Thanks — and enjoy!

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