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New A/B Test for Your Vote: The Sims3 Registration Offer

Oh yeah – The Sims, one of the most popular online games of all time, has just released the results of their latest A/B test exclusively with us. Click to guess which player registration page got a 40.1% higher conversion rate…

By the way, if you’re at the Conversion Conference in San Jose right now, be sure to say hi to WhichTestWon’s Senior Reporter Natalie Myers who is there covering the show for us. So far she says some speakers are doing WhichTestWon-like presentations, which gives her a huge secret thrill whilst sitting in the audience.

Next week, we’ll publish Natalie’s wrap-up report from the show. In the meantime, click here to check out this week’s A/B Test for Sims3!

P.S. Thanks to everyone who linked to us and helped get the word out about WhichTestWon this past week, especially MarketingProfs who called us one of their favorite sites (!), as well as Nathaniel Stott, Christ Coolen, Anna Sizer, @WUMarketing, Filippo Toso, Jon Pinney, Heather Foster, Teej Murphy, Patrick at BingoCardCreator.com, Pedro Gonzalez, Matthew C Moore, Gina Nero, @b_young, Charles MacKenzie, Jim Webster, Direct ROI, Sigrid Saxevik, UXFeeds, Michael Fortin, Stephan Stavrakis, @esuiteone, Colin Y.J. Chun, Reuben D Rock and the guys at Koesplus.org.

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