A/B and multivariate testing can – on average – help lead generation marketers get ~40% more leads from their current Web traffic. E-commerce marketers can expect a ~20-25% sales lift if they do a round of tests.

Yet, today fewer than 40% of marketers do any tests at all.

This fact bothered us As marketing journalists and ‘best practices’ researchers.  So we launched WhichTestWon.com in 2009 to help inspire and educate the marketing community about testing.

Now we have over 200 test Case Studies, featuring Web, email and even direct postal mail tests from the US and Europe. And each week we add another. To keep things clear – we don’t create these tests and we’re not a vendor or consultant in the field. We’re professional journalists who focus on testing as our “beat” of choice. And it’s an exciting one because testing really does make such a big difference to brands and marketers around the world.

We hope you use our ever-growing Case Study library to:

  • Get inspired to run tests of your own
  • Convince your boss (or clients) to allow you to run tests
  • Find new ideas for tests
  • Understand ‘best practices’ in design and copywriting to be able to get better results