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Term: Eye Flow

WhichTestWon’s Definition: The lovely thing about human eyes is how they all tend to react in similar manners to Website layout and design. That can be formally measured with eye tracking. A page designer who uses the rules of typical eye flow can make a tremendous difference in conversion rates. For example, text to the right of an online image is far more likely to be read than text to the left of an online image (in the Western world) due to eye flow. Therefore a smart designer will usually put text to the right of an image.

Key #1. Non-Western eyes don’t always react the same way. Eye flow in the Middle East and Asia obeys some different rules.

Key #2. Eye flow in other mediums, such as print, can be very different from online eye flow in some circumstances. For example, it’s easy to read two-column type in print and next-to-impossible online.

Key #3. Eye flow depends on screen-size and monitor resolution. A page that’s optimized for an iPhone may be laid out differently than a page that’s optimized for the gargantuan monitor most designers use to lay out Web pages.

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