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The most inspirational - and useful - conference on A/B and multivariate testing

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Past TLE Speakers Have Included:

Merritt Aho, Dell, Optimization Testing Lead
Merritt Aho
Optimization Testing Lead
Joy Billings, Experian Consumer Direct, Director of Optimization
Joy Billings
Experian Consumer Direct
Director of Optimization
Josh Berg, Wayfair, Associate Director, Marketing Platforms
Josh Berg
Director, Marketing Platforms
Efrat Stark, Autodesk, Web Optimization Manager
Efrat Stark
Web Optimization Manager
Angela Lauria,, VP Marketing
Angela Lauria
VP Marketing
Shane Smith, Groupon Goods, Marketing Manager
Shane Smith
Groupon Goods
Marketing Manager
Jane-Anne Mennella, Wyndam Hotel Group, Director of Customer Insight and Optimization
Jane-Anne Mennella
Wyndam Hotel Group
Director of Customer Insight and Optimization
Ophir Prusak, BlazeMeter, SVP Digital Marketing
Ophir Prusak
SVP Digital Marketing
Jason Miller, Motorcycle USA, VP Technology
Jason Miller
Motorcycle USA
VP Technology
Wendy Melemed, McClatchly Interactive, Analytics Testing Coordinator
Wendy Melemed
McClatchly Interactive
Analytics Testing Specialist