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Start instantly and study at your own pace!  The top four benefits of our online training include:

  • Improve website & landing page results : Apply what you learn to raise your company’s online lead generation and/or sales results.
  • Lift PPC, Mobile Marketing, Email & Twitter results: Apply conversion rate optimization to marketing campaigns.
  • Grow your career: As a certified pro, your skills will be in demand because you know scientific tactics to improve marketing results.
  • Train your team: Use this ecourse to bring your team up quickly to the professional level that your organization demands.

This certification ecourse includes nearly 13 hours of on-demand video classes divided into handy ~20-minute increments.   Along the way, take 11 interactive quizzes to measure your learning.   Plus, you’re invited to three monthly, live webconferences with your instructor Bryan Eisenberg so you can ask him all your questions personally.

Finally, when you finish, you will receive a formal certificate endorsed by the Direct Marketing Association, Search Engine Strategies, and, among others.

Lesson Plan: Video Classes, Live Q&A sessions, Certification Quizzes

Your ecourse includes nearly 13 hours of on-demand video training, as well as three hours of live Q&A webconferencing sessions with your instructor Bryan Eisenberg.

In this introductory overview, you’ll get a good feel for what it means to embrace an “always be testing” culture, including a series of short training videos from Google on Website Optimizer that will enable you to easily add a variety of critical tests on your site.

Bryan Eisenberg walks you through the process of calculating the sales potential in your existing traffic, how to discern visitor intent, and how to prioritize your marketing efforts to satisfy your most qualified visitors.

You will learn:

  • How to calculate your traffic’s sales potential.
  • How to tell which keywords reveal a lot about visitor intent.
  • How to save time by disqualifying certain visitors.
  • What A/B testing can do for you.
  • Conversion versus persuasion.


Bryan shows you how to recognize the Competitive, Spontaneous, Humanistic, and Methodical users coming to your site, and how to give each of them exactly what they need to make them stay… and buy. You’ll learn how to create personas, turn them into working narratives, and use the narratives to build scenarios that will convert your site visitors into qualified sales leads and even customers.

Yes, this lesson applies to both B2B and consumer marketers.

You will learn:

  • The 4 basic personas and their customer behavior.
  • How to model customer behavior.
  • How to associate pictures with your customer personas.
  • How to map out the structure of your website to fit your personas.
  • How to tell a story that sells.

Routine testing and optimization aren’t just for the Amazons’ of the world; all companies with a website should be continuously testing and refining to increase conversion rates. In this video, Bryan Eisenberg shows you how to apply the testing cycle to your website even if you lack the resources to test everything.

You will learn:

  • Prioritizing the potential changes to your website.
  • Why your conversion rate is fundamental to the testing process.
  • The three main factors to consider before you begin testing.
  • How to properly set up a test.
  • What to test first.


Bryan explains that testing is about understanding the customer’s motivation, and the critical issues that make people convert. Ultimately, it’s about more than just changing a color, or moving items around on your web pages. He’ll show you proven methods that will make an impact and increase conversion rates.

You will learn:

  • Learning to understand what motivates and influences people.
  • The 3 types of action pages.
  • 9 variables to include in your landing page and 5 dimensions to rate them.
  • How to get your customers’ attention — and keep them engaged.
  • 30 key optimization factors broken into 4 main categories.


Bryan shows you how to enhance the credibility of your website to increase conversions and build lasting relationships with your customers.

You will learn:

  • Why trust is so hard to develop on the internet.
  • The top reasons consumers leave a retailer.
  • How to use contact information to increase confidence levels.
  • The need for caution when using stock photography.
  • How to create a great ‘about us’ page that establishes trust with your customers.

“Scent” is the information trail your visitors are following when they come to your site. Mark that trail with consistent design and messaging that builds, invites, and guides, and they’ll follow it through your site and all the way to checkout. Bryan provides a multitude of examples to help you understand when scent is working, and when it’s not. Learn your lessons from these success stories to keep scent alive in your own marketing campaigns and lead your visitors down the conversion path.

You will learn:

  • Where the biggest opportunities are to improve conversion rates.
  • Why design is as important for maintaining scent as copy and content.
  • Which metrics are good tools for measuring the strength of scent.
  • Why keywords are never to blame for low conversion rates.
  • How to effectively insert keywords into a landing page dynamically.


It’s simply not enough to get the sale or generate a lead anymore. These days, it’s also necessary to ensure that converted visitors are satisfied with their experience so they’ll continue their relationship with your brand … and even use social media to recommend you to their friends and colleagues. In this workshop, Bryan teaches you how to speak the language of your customers to attract customers, entice them with your offer, get the sale and keep them happy.

You will learn:

  • How to ensure your are satisfying each stage of AIDAS.
  • Which little things matter the most to conversion.
  • Why it’s critical to ensure your “add to cart” or “sign up” button is above the fold.
  • How coupon codes can cause conversion problems.
  • Why your return policy should be prominently featured in the checkout process.

Bryan reveals the tip of the copywriting iceberg as he walks you through a 10-step process for improving the copy on your website. Copy is the most persuasive element of any webpage but it’s more than just writing sexy copy. It’s about how to format text for readability, how to convey a good first impression, how to know when less is more, and much, much more.

You will learn:

  • 10 steps to improve your copy.
  • Why headlines are so important to conversion.
  • How the first mental image of your website affects the mindset of visitors.
  • Why words are the most effective means of persuading on the web.
  • How to change adjectives to verbs and increase your persuasive copy.


Customer reviews and testimonials are an extremely valuable asset to your website, yet many companies don’t offer them and those that do often don’t use them as effectively as possible. In this module, Bryan shows you how to turn customer reviews into better converting copy, where to place reviews and testimonials, and what to look for in a good testimonial.

You will learn:

  • What makes customers want to talk about your product.
  • Three triggers for word of mouth stories.
  • How to leverage word of mouth reviews.
  • How to correctly implement customer reviews on your site.
  • How to help visitors find the right products.

What are the must-have tools to keep your site primed for conversion? In this module, Bryan Eisenberg opens his bag of tricks and shares some of his online favorites as well as some personal techniques. Whether you need to test the speed of your site, want to know if you’re wasting valuable screen space, or have to find out just how customer-focused your content is, Bryan’s got the tool for you.

You will learn:

  • Bryan’s favorite tools.
  • Tools for testing site load time.
  • Tools for image optimization to enhance load time.
  • Bryan’s personal “Battleship Grid”.
  • Tools for quick usability testing.


In this segmentation seminar, guest instructor Avinash Kaushik shares his tips for easily segmenting your data and why it’s an excellent strategy for gaining insights into your visitors. You’ll learn five easy ways to segment your data using analytics software from Google Analytics, ClickTracks, and IndexTools and what actions you can take with your new insights.

You Will Study:

  • Why segmentation is so important.
  • How to do basic segmentation in Google Analytics, ClickTracks, and IndexTools.
  • How to segment by new vs. returning users and how this allows you to customize user experiences.
  • How to segment based on search traffic.
  • How to segment by referring sites and how this allows you to optimize your acquisitions.
  • How to build micro segments.


Learn why surveys are a key component of your web analytics strategy and how you can gain tremendous insight into your website visitors by asking three simple questions.   You’ll learn about the types of surveys you should be running on your website, the strengths and weaknesses of each type, and how to invite users to fill out a survey without sending them running for the back button.

You Will Study:

  • Why surveys are a key component of your web analytics strategy.
  • Why web analytics is good at the “what?” and bad at the “why?”
  • Which survey invitation methods are most effective.
  • Three simple questions to ask your visitors.
  • Three golden nuggets of information you are looking for from surveys.


There are two main types of testing, each right to solve a particular set of problems. After reviewing this module, you will never be confused about how to use A/B or multivariate tests on your site. In fact, you’ll be able to go out and teach others!

You will study:

  • The definition of A/B testing.
  • The pros and cons of A/B testing.
  • How multivariate testing works.
  • Who the major multivariate testing vendors are.
  • The pros and cons of multivariate testing.


In order to get your testing and CRO budget approved, you’ll need to prove ROI to upper management.  This session delves into the nitty-gritty of calculating ROI for Web marketing CRO.

Chances are your PPC ad campaign traffic is among the most expensive traffic you have coming to your site.  So, CRO is critical to making the most of your PPC budget.  The higher your conversion rate, the lower your cost per conversion.   Strongly recommended for everyone advertising on Google AdWords and other PPC networks.


Yes, it is very possible to apply your CRO and testing skills to your marketing campaigns themselves.  This multi-video section takes you through CRO considerations for social media such as Twitter, online PR campaigns and email marketing.

Even if you’re not doing mobile marketing today, chances are you’ll be asked to test mobile before the year is over.  Plus, some of your web visitors and email recipients are already viewing your site on mobile devices!  This in-depth session gives you a grounding in mobile marketing basics that you’ll need for your future.

Official endorsements & testimonials

Pinda Bazley, Site Analytics Lead, Microsoft

“One thing that I found is attractive to me is that we had Office Hours, that we can ask questions, and we can discuss with Bryan, and he will give us advice.

I was surprised how organized the curriculum was, and how much knowledge Bryan was willing to share with us.

The video for the class is amazing … once you watch the video you get it right away.

In Market Motive, everyone is the best in the industry. If you want to learn from the best, Market Motive is a great place for you. Once you get in, it’s amazing. I think it’s worth the money.”

Developed by Market Motive, Bryan Eisenberg and Avinash Kauchik, this certification training course is endorsed by, The Direct Marketing Association, Search Engine Strategies and the US Government’s Putting America Back to Work program.

This course is suitable for marketing managers, product managers, copywriters, online marketing specialists, and search marketing specialists. Web usability and design professionals who wish to supplement their skills by understanding the marketing science behind conversion are also recommended.

“Certification in A/B testing made a tremendous difference in my own career years ago, and now when I hire or recommend marketers for positions, I only select those who have put in the time and effort to gain top-notch professional education so their campaigns are based on best practices and not guess work. You need to know about CRO to get credibility with upper management. ”

– Anne Holland, Publisher, and Founder MarketingSherpa

Meet Your Instructor: Marketing Conversion Guru Bryan Eisenberg:

Your Certification eCourse includes 15 hours of on-demand video training — plus three hours of live Q&A — all with instructor and globally recognized authority Bryan Eisenberg, who pioneered improving online conversion rates, Persuasion Architecture, and persona marketing. His credentials include:

  • Co-Author three New York Times bestsellers on marketing optimization ‘Call to Action’, ‘Waiting For Your Cat to Bark?’ and ‘Always Be Testing’.
  • Famed keynote speaker at marketing conferences such as, MarketingSherpa, Search Engine Strategies, & the Direct Marketing Association
  • Featured in The Wall Street Journal, Business 2.0, Advertising Age, Forrester Research, Jupiter Research, Inc Magazine, DMNews, Smart Money, and dozens of other media.
  • Named one of iMedia’s Top 25 Marketers; a DMEF Rising Star Award winner of 2010; and, aTop 10 User Experience Guru by eConsultancy members.
  • Co-founder and Chairman Emeritus, The Web Analytics Association.
  • Board of Trustees Member, Direct Marketing Education Foundation.

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You can start this ecourse instantly — in fact, why not take your first lesson right now? Just sign up at the form above, enter your payment information and you’ll be taken to the online classroom instantly. Start viewing ecourse videos, take your first interactive assessment quiz, and even get immediate conversion questions answered on the live, private Q&A boards.

Your ecourse investment is satisfaction guaranteed. Cancel with Market Motive anytime during your first seven days for a 100% money-back refund and to stop any further charges. Also worth noting, this ecourse is probably tax deductible for you or your organization as official professional training endorsed by US government’s Putting America back to Work Act. Check with your accountant.

Normally in-person training of this type costs $3,500-$5,000 per student. However, you can get this ecourse, which includes three hours of live, interaction with Eisenberg, as well as nearly 13 hours of on-demand video training and 11 self-assessment quizzes, all leading to a professional certification certificate with your name on it … for just $97 your first week and then two monthly payments of $397.  That’s cheaper than tickets to most marketing conferences!

Note: This special Market Motive ecourse offer is available to readers only and is not available through other media or sites.  Our customized ecourse combines hand-picked curriculum from several different Market Motive online courses, which, if you like, may be purchased directly — at a slightly higher price — from Market Motive.


“Justin did a wonderful job of leading the workshop and facilitating discussion. He provided a lot of really great content and testing ideas that will enable us to develop a long-term testing strategy.”

– Becky Simanowski, Digital Marketing Specialist, Online Strategy & Services, SAS Institute

“WhichTestWon provided great insight and knowledge for my team in how we think about, and approach online testing. They prepared customized material specifically for us and our online programs. It was a great opportunity to be reminded of how important quality online testing is while we sharpened our skills at the same time. Time well spent.”

– Scott Calderwood, Sr. Manager, Digital Marketing, Online Strategy & Services, SAS Institute

“We were very positively surprised by the high degree of customization towards SAS’ specific needs in the workshop. The content presented was a well-balanced mixture of testing basics, statistical insight and real-life examples. The high relevance of the topic for all attendees showed in the very engaged discussions which took place throughout and after the workshop.”

– Falco Kronmueller, Manager, Digital Marketing, Online Strategy & Services, SAS Institute