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New Test for Your Vote: Email Opt-In Offers

If you want to grow your email list, definitely check out this week’s test at

If your site’s order forms, registration forms, check-out process, or lead generation forms include a checkbox for an email newsletter offer, you may find this test data very useful.  Anyone gathering opt-ins via co-registration will also be interested.

The link again:

P.S. Thanks to everyone who blogged and/or Twittered about us this past week, especially Michael Fortin, Carol Hillson,  Blair Semenoff, Kenneth P Thomas, Julian Brown, CharlieNicBrowning, Robyn McMaster, Brad Shorr, Matthew Diehl, Greg Laycock, Ove Dalen, Eivind Savio, Joanna Pineda, the folks at interlinkONE, Jens Ode, and Vincent at The Business Pulp Blog.

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