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The most inspirational - and useful - conference on A/B and multivariate testing

Take Your Choice of 12 Advanced Workshops at The Live Event 2014

WhichTestWon’s The Live Event 2014 will feature 12 advanced Workshops where you’ll get to learn the latest best practices and find out which conversion optimization tactics are working best for your peers.  Your goal: to walk away with an action plan … and plenty of new peer contacts.

Each Workshop is 90-minutes long.   There are 12 total – you can take up to four yourself — and bring colleagues to the event to sit in jn the others!   Here are the Workshops we presented in 2013 (2014 Workshops will be announced later this year.)

Workshops Agenda May 10, 2013:

Track One Track Two Track Three
9:00-10:30 The Best New Tech & Tools Ecommerce Part I: Your Site Lead Generation Forms
11:00-12:30 Research to Form Hypotheses & Prioritize Tests Ecommerce Part 2: Your Cart Improve Your Site’s Navigation through Optimization Testing
1:30-3:00 The Best New Tech & Tools(redux) Scalability: Testing on a Massive Scale Optimizing CRO for Smaller Companies
3:00-4:30 Company Culture & Office Politics Videos for Conversions & Engagement Agency Roundtable (no clients allowed)

The Best New Tech & Tools

Self-confessed “online marketing tool junky” Bryan Eisenberg will take you through a whirlwind tour of his favorite new tools, as well as the best classic tools for:

  • insight gathering and analysis tools to give you insights into why visitors don’t convert, and to help you form more powerful testing hypotheses.
  • testing tools from the down-and-dirty to the top-of-the-line
  • conversion optimization tools ranging from campaigns, landing pages and videos.

Then he’ll throw the floor open for a high-energy, interactive discussion to allow you and your fellow attendees to work through your biggest tool critiques, needs, and questions.

Note: We anticipate this Group will be so useful that we’re holding it twice so everyone who wants to can attend it without missing other sessions they’re interested in.

Research to Form Better Hypotheses, Objectives and Prioritization of Tests

You have a million ideas for tests and site changes to improve conversions and increase engagement… but where should you start?  And, which ideas should be left by the wayside?

This Group will start with an overview of best practices in research, and give you clear guidelines you can use to rank your conversion optimization ideas in order of priority.  Plus, you can use this formal ranking system to help convince your team and HIPPO to run the most important tests.

Then, you’ll split into peer-to-peer groups to work through an exercise that’s relevant to your own main conversion goals, whether lead generation, ecommerce, or engagement.

Company Culture & Office Politics: How to ‘Bake In’ Conversion Optimization

The number one headache nearly everyone in conversion optimization suffers from is how to get the ball rolling – and keep it rolling – in their own organizations. This session will give you practical advice including:

  • How to convince and educate HIPPOs and new executives
  • How to work better interdepartmentally including IT, design, UX, and marketing
  • Who should be on your testing team
  • How to stop key conversion knowledge walking out the door when staff leave

Session leader Jeffrey Eisenberg will reveal office politics tips from his behind-the-scenes view at hundreds of large companies in the US and internationally. Then you’ll break into groups to brainstorm solutions to each other’s most pressing corporate culture problems.

Ecommerce Conversion Optimization Part One: Your Site

This session is specifically for the unique challenges of ecommerce executives working for sites with thousands of SKUs. It covers conversion optimization for ecommerce homepages, category pages, search results pages, and product (aka individual SKU) pages. First, session leader Bill Leake will cover advanced ecommerce conversion optimization topics, including segmentation, path analysis, and site-wide template testing considerations.

Next, you’ll split into peer-to-peer groups based on how advanced your in-house conversion optimization practices and capabilities are, so you can work out solutions to common problems with input from others who are in similar situations.  You’ll make new friends and walk away with solutions.

Ecommerce Conversion Optimization Part Two: Your Cart

This session is geared toward ecommerce marketers whose companies largely or wholly control the design and flow of their cart, so you can put cart conversion optimization into practice.  Areas of discussion include:

  • Cart entrance pages and guests vs registered users
  • Appealing to a domestic & international customer base
  • Global payment method popularity
  • International pricing strategy
  • Number of pages and dynamic pages
  • Cross-selling and social media
  • Trust marks, testimonials and security seals

Your session leader, Michael Batko, will present benchmark data and best practices screenshots around carts and conversions and then lead discussions with you into what changes can help your own carts do better.

Scalability: Testing on a Massive Scale

If you’re in this session, you are well beyond the occasional A/B test. We’ll examine how you can scale your testing activities so you can run dozens or even hundreds of tests each quarter. Key topics include:

  • Running concurrent tests
  • Deciding which iterations get priority
  • Measurement models to maximize traffic
  • Advanced personalization and targeting tests
  • Rolling out tests globally

Session leader Merritt Aho has hands-on experience managing testing roadmaps on Dell’s largest web properties, including over 50 testing and optimization projects at any given time. He’ll share some of his biggest lessons learned and advice for others. Then he’ll lead a highly interactive discussion with session attendees about the problems and considerations of scaling your testing activities.

Optimizing Videos for Conversions & Engagement

Video has become a powerful presence on most sites – but how do you optimize it to drive conversion? This session focuses specifically on ecommerce site videos, but other types of marketers will find it useful as well.  First session leader Russ Somers will reveal exclusive stats and data around what works in videos and what doesn’t, including length, format, and engagement or conversion devices.  He’ll also discuss best ways to repurpose content.

Next, you’ll view some videos and discuss with your peers about specific ways to optimize them. If you have videos on your site currently, you may have the opportunity to get feedback on them.

Lead Generation Conversion Optimization: Forms, Forms, Forms!

Form design matters so much to your bottom line that entire books have been written about it. This session focuses on forms and the landing pages where they often sit. Topics to be delved into include:

  • What usability studies and a/b tests reveal about common form design mistakes
  • The two-page versus one-page form debate
  • Overlays and in-line (on page) form best practices

Session leader Anne Holland will distill 15 years of form tests and research studies into a series of quick actionable guidelines.  Then you’ll break into peer-to-peer groups to critique each other’s forms and landing pages containing forms.  Walk out with specifics to improve your lead generation.

Improve Your Site’s Navigation through Optimization Testing

Navigation plays an important role in helping visitors to use your site – from cross-selling services to search engine rankings to driving people to action or just helping them find what they need. Optimization testing can provide the data needed to help you make decisions, so you can take the guesswork out of serving your customers’ needs.

In this session, Efrat Stark and Joanna DeJarnett of Autodesk will walk you through case studies from the recent redesign of in which A/B and Muti-Variate Testing was used to make key decisions around primary navigation, taxonomy and gateway pages. You’ll then break out into small groups, identify issues in your own site’s navigation that you want to solve for, and work through practical testing scenarios. You’ll walk away with a draft test plan that you can get started on!

Conversion Rate Optimization for Smaller Companies

We don’t want you to leave The Live Event thinking, “Well it’s been great for big brands, but what about my company?” This Group is dedicated to small companies. Topics include:

  • Conversion optimization on a tight budget
  • Running tests without an in-house testing team
  • What’s worth doing when you don’t have much time to do it in
  • Best conversion practices you can apply today
  • How to convince a smaller company HIPPO to let you make site changes

This session’s leader, WhichTestWon’s Justin Rondeau comes from a smaller company background himself.  He will speak to what’s really possible and how to get maximum impact from conversion optimization activities, even if you don’t have tons of traffic or a large budget.  Next, you’ll break into smaller working groups to brainstorm practical next steps to each other’s top conversion problems.

Agency & Consultants Roundtable (No Clients Allowed)

As a service or tech firm serving the conversion optimization space you have special problems.. and opportunities… whether they be educating clients, dealing with tech,  hiring staff, working with freelancers, etc., etc., etc. The market is exploding in 2013.  Here’s your chance for a closed-door huddle with your true peers to figure out how to swap leads (if a prospect isn’t right for you) and work better with clients. Plus, you can share advanced testing and conversion ideas – the tests you really wish more clients would run.

This session’s for you – to be moderated by one of your own.

*Note: Schedule subject to change and we’re still adding speeches!

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