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The most inspirational - and useful - conference on A/B and multivariate testing

More than a dozen of your peers will reveal their own test results and CRO tactics at the 2014 Live Event!

WhichTestWon’s The Live Event always features tons of new Case Studies presented by your peers.  (Note: no vendors are allowed to present on the Main Stage.)  

Here are the 17 Case Studies presented at TLE 2013:

#1. Search Result Page Conversions: eBay’s Surprising Lessons Learned

eBay’s conversion optimization team always assumed that, if they sped up page load time and increased CTR on the search result page, sales would inevitably increase. They were wrong. eBay’s Andy Edmonds will reveal top lessons learned from the team’s two years of tests and data analysis.

#2. Home Page Testing – Even When It Scares Your HIPPO

For most companies home page testing can be terrifying – and politically incorrect.  To inspire you, Angela Lauria of will reveal her “very surprising” home page test results… and then tell you how she grew a company culture centered around conversion optimization that helped make these tests possible.

#3. Strategies to Increase Mobile Engagement & Conversion

Running split tests on a mobile site is not remotely as easy as it is for your Web pages or email campaigns.  But, it can be done… and as Shane Smith of Groupon Goods will reveal in this exclusive presentation, mobile testing is worth the work.  Learn how his team has helped Groupon’s conversions soar.

#4. Make Online Advertising Convert (Much) Better with Path Optimization

If you’re a heavy PPC marketer or online advertiser, this Case Study can help you get a far higher ROI per click. GetitFree’s Stephan Goss will reveal how his team uses path optimization to turn ad clicks into 20,000-100,000 new users per day.

#5. How to Get Consumers to Fill Out Long, Complex Forms Requiring Personal Information

It’s hard enough to get a consumer to fill out a short lead gen form … how do you get them fill out a long multi-page form including highly personal information such as SSN and credit cards? Joy Billings will illustrate some of the lessons Experian Consumer Direct has learned from their tests.

#6. Increasing Conversions for SaaS Sites

Selling software as a service has it’s own unique challenges and requires a different optimization strategy than other types of websites.
BlazeMeter’s Ophir Prusak will reveal his own tried and tested methodology including potential pitfalls and never-before-revealed big wins.
Plus, he’ll discuss how he uses targeted customer conversations to gain valuable insight from leads and customers that you would have never come up with through split testing and analytics alone!

#7. High-Impact Segmentation and Behavioral Targeting Tactics to Increase Revenue Per Visitor

Recently, Dell’s testing teams around the globe have been using segmentation and behavioral targeting to increase on-site sales and engagement. Nazli Yuzak will take you through which tests had the highest impact, and which specific segments are worth targeting first, including recent buyers versus newbie visitors and house ads based on visitor path.

#8. Increasing Conversion Using Dynamic Messaging

Wayfair sells over one million products to customers looking for anything for their home, from bedroom furniture, to portable generators, to cat trees. Josh Berg will share how Wayfair is able to dynamically target a large and diverse set of customers with relevant on-site messaging in order to boosts sales.

#9. How to Reduce Wrong Conclusions From Your Test Results

In this fascinating two-part presentation, VistaPrint’s Charan Karthikeyan will reveal how to avoid pitfalls from biased analysis conclusions, especially if you’re running tests using just a small fraction of site traffic. Next, he’ll reveal new tactics his team uses to avoid the 1-in-20 chance that 95% conclusive test results might not yield correct answers.

#10. Case Study: How LegalZoom is Improving Its Conversions

Over the last year, LegalZoom has radically changed much of its site design. The result: improved conversions. Now, Jared Waxman will take you behind-the-scenes to illustrate the tactics that made the difference, and what you can learn from them.

#11. How to Roll Out Winning Tests Globally

If you market in more than one country, don’t miss this all-new presentation from PayPal’s Robin Chiang. She’ll explain how her team has created a process to scale tests globally. Key: you can never assume what worked best in one country will be the winner elsewhere.

#12. How to Overhaul Your Corporate Website Based on Customer Interviews, Personas, & Testing

Is it time for a complete overhaul of your organization’s site?  Don’t miss Megan Lueders’ all-new presentation. She’ll show how her team at LifeSize (a division of Logitech) created buyer personas, used customer interviews for UX, picked the best call-to-actions, and tested new control pages before the big relaunch.   Especially useful for heavy-content site marketers and developers.

#13. Travel & Hospitality Conversion Optimization – New Lessons Learned

Over the past two years Wyndham Hotels & Resorts have increased site conversions through a series of clever tests that turned more visitors into bookers.   Wyndham’s Jane-Anne Mennella will reveal some of her top performing (and worst performing) tests and discuss how Wyndam’s lessons could apply to other sites’ design and functionality.

#14. Customer Optimization Versus Conversion Optimization: Advanced Analytics

Google’s Justin Cutroni will share some of his battle stories in the analytics trenches, focusing on short term gain versus long term loss. Turns out sometimes big initial conversion wins may actually hurt your bottom line in the long run. When you start optimizing around the customer, your analytic and measurement tactics must change.

#15. Pinpointing the Content/Advertising Tradeoff for Online Videos

“Free” online video, isn’t truly free, rather the consumer trades their time watching advertising for quality content.  With the largest premium video library on the web and second largest online video network, it is crucial that AOL and the AOL On network understand this relationship in order to maximize satisfaction for the consumer as well as effectiveness for advertisers.  Join Joe Blechman to learn a repeatable technique with wide-ranging applications.

 #16. Top 5 High-Impact eCommerce Conversion Optimization Tactics from Motorcyle Superstore

Even though all the execs at Motorcycle Superstore are motorcycle fanatics, they’re too close to their own site to know what to change to convert more shoppers into buyers. CTO Jason Miller will reveal how his team uses analytics and tests to improve sales with tactics everyone (even lead gen sites) can copy.

#17. Testing Integration into the Design Process

For true conversion optimization, testing can’t be silo-ed into a single staffer or department. Everyone must buy in to the conversion culture. Wendy Melemed of McClatchy Interactive will share the importance of integrating testing into your actual design process to get hands on board and reduce overhead friction.

Day One Agenda May 9, 2013:

8:00-9:00 Networking Breakfast on Expo Floor
9:00-10:20 4 Case Studies
10:20-10:50 Break
10:50-12:30 3 Case Studies
12:30-1:30 Networking Lunch on Expo Floor
1:30-2:50 4 Case Studies
2:50-3:20 Break
3:20-4:40 3 Case Studies
4:45-6:30 BIG Cocktail Party on Expo Floor

*Note: Schedule subject to change and we’re still adding speeches!

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