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The most inspirational - and useful - conference on A/B and multivariate testing

TLE Europe’s sessions to help you improve conversions include:

Our 2015 sessions are coming soon. Below are the details for our 2014 sessions. . .


Note: Session details are below. For a grid-style Agenda, click here.

Keynote: High Impact Tests for 2014

As the head judge for the 6th annual Online Testing Awards, Justin Rondeau reviews conversion optimization test data from hundreds of companies around the globe. Now, he’ll take you behind-the-scenes at the awards, showing you which tests completely blew the judges away, and why. justinspeakingsmall

Presented by Justin Rondeau, Editor, WhichTestWon

Case Study: Expedia’s Global Travel Tests

How how Expedia has turned into a testing powerhouse in the last year. Includes how they overcame the problem of reaching statistical significance on promotional pages. Plus, their challenges and results of migrating and educating global merchandising teams onto a global test and learn platform.  Kenton-TLE

Presented by Kenton Jones, Product Director, Expedia

Case Study: AVAST – A/B Testing in a Highly Competitive Market

Each month AVAST runs 10 A/B tests on its site and on in-product messaging. Discover the results of their ‘best of’ high-impact tests. michal

Presented by Michal Parizek, Senior eCommerce Specialist, AVAST Software a.s.

Case Study: How Schuh Built a Testing Team

Discover how a British ecommerce site moved from running occasional tests which didn’t really prove much, to developing a testing team who are making a real difference to site performance.  Plus, tips to engage other departments, such as customer service, in testing efforts. StuartMcMillan

Presented by Stuart McMillan, Deputy Head of Ecommerce, Schuh LTD.

Case Study: Wix’s Global Facebook Tests

This entertaining multivariate testing Case Study details how a single test – run to win a bet – spawned more than 30 Facebook sponsored story ad versions globally. tlewix

Presented by Roy Cohen, Product Marketing Manager

Case Study: How Wikipedia A/B Tests Fundraising Drives Online

Exclusive: A/B test results and lessons learned from Wikipedia’s own campaigns in terms of messaging, user flow optimization, banner design, payment methods, and international localization. Discover how Wikipedia evolved from featuring a photo of founder Jimmy Wales begging for donations to today’s “Jimmy-free” banners. wikimedia

Presented by Megan Hernandez, Online Fundraising Director, Wikimedia Foundation

Case Study: Suzuki Belgium’s Funnel Revamp Tests

Learn how Suzuki Belgium increased lead generation by optimizing their entire funnel including the homepage, category pages, model pages and finally their forms.  TLE-Karl

Presented by Karl Gilis, Managing Partner, AG Consult

Case Study: Symantec’s Asia-Pacific Market Tests

A behind-the-scenes look at how Norton’s Asia-Pacific testing team turns customer insights into strong testing hypothesis, accurately optimizes each segment’s messaging, merchandising & design, and finally collects useful test result as more customer insight. Includes data from SEM traffic tests. allen-lee-2

Presented by Allen Lee, Sr Manager, eCommerce Sales & Marketing, Norton

Case Study: The Student Room Group’s Testing Pitfalls & Triumphs

Back in 2009, The Student Room Group tried – and failed – to embrace conversion rate optimization (CRO). This is the story of dusting yourself off, getting back up and trying again. Now, the company culture is focused on ‘measure, test and learn’ and CRO considerations are at the forefront of every design decision. Because, when it comes to CRO, failure is not a final option. petet1

Presented by: Pete Taylor, Director of Optimization, The Student Room Group

Case Study: protel hotelsoftware on Designing for Users (not Businesses)

Many businesses, such as hotels, are eager to collect as much visitor data as possible, regardless of usability, privacy or conversion considerations. Discover how protel educates its clients to convince them to put visitor experience and conversions ahead of their internal data desires. tlepaun

Presented by: Ecaterina Paun, Head of UX, protel hotelsoftware GMBH

Case Study: 3 Key Email Split-Testing Lessons Learned

Email split testing is more complex than one might imagine at first glance. In 2013 alone, Barton Publishing sent over a billion emails to consumers seeking natural cures and home remedies. In this exclusive presentation, they’ll reveal their most recent email testing mistakes and big wins. MartyFahncke

Presented by: Marty Fahncke, Chief Marketing Officer, Barton Publishing

Case Study: Growth Hacking Tips & Tricks

In order to test, you need traffic. For any start-up the largest barrier to entering the CRO world is lack of traffic, and in this session you will learn the latest tricks to turn up your traffic dials so you can run statistically conclusive tests! TLE-Ash

Presented by: Ash Ali, FareExchange

Case Study: Clarks’ Top A/B & MVT Tests

The team at Clarks continuously pushes out spectacular tests that provide incredible learnings for their organization. Learn how Clarks does this and see some of their best work live! Marc-Carlock-TLE

Presented by: Mark Carlock, Clarks

Case Study: 35% sales uplift from just one test (Northern Parrots)

Discover how a strongly-performing home page got even better. Northern Parrots is the UK’s leading retail website for parrot food, toys and accessories. In-depth CRO revealed new customer insights that led to a radical home page redesign which achieved double-digit sales uplifts and won a WTW Gold Award. Dan Croxen-John

Presented by: Dan Croxen-John, AWA digital

Case Study: 5 Concepts Behind a Successful A/B Testing Strategy

In this session, Will Browne will explain the important concepts that you need to know in order to get the best out of your A/B strategy. With advice from some of our major clients, we will teach you the lessons you need to know to create an A/B testing strategy that truly delivers value for your business. Will Browne

Presented by: Will Browne, Data Scientist, Qubit

Deep Dive: International Cart Optimization Tactics

A must-attend session for ecommerce marketers selling to more than one country.  Discover specific changes you can make to your cart right away to increase conversions. Plus, learn what’s worth testing, and what you might consider implementing even without tests, based on existing 3rd party data. Michael Batko Head Shot

Presented by Mike Batko, cleverbridge

Deep Dive: Best Lead Generation Form Tests

Lead generation forms are the highest friction point on your site or landing page. Yet, too many marketers rely on default forms, or forms their IT team developed without much marketing input. You’ll learn the 5 key form elements to test, examine which metrics to watch more closely, plus see Case Studies of form tests that increased conversions. AnneHolland

Presented by Anne Holland, Publisher, WhichTestWon

Deep Dive: Learn How to Win 10+ WhichTestWon A/B Testing Awards

Online Dialogue, a CRO company from the Netherlands, has lots of WhichTestWon A/B-test awards. Their Chief Optimization Officer Ton Wesseling will show you their secrets to testing success in this deep dive session. With FACT & ACT they combine qualitative data, quantitative user data and scientific insights to ensure a high revenue / cost ratio. tleton

Presented by Ton Wesseling, Chief Optimization Officer, Online Dialogue

Deep Dive: NeuroWeb – Optimizing Online Content With the Brain in Mind

Traditional methods for understanding online customers only understand their conscious minds. Discover how to use neuroscience to assess and affect the unconscious drivers of choice in an online environment, such as attention, emotional response, motivation and cognitive load. Neuroscience can help you create better tests and control variations by revealing what automatically attracts visitor attention; what motivates clicks versus abandons; and, when your pages contain too much information. LundRamsoy

Presented by: Karsten Lund and Thomas Z. Ramsoy, PhD, Neurons, Inc.

Deep Dive: Subject line optimization master class: What to test, when to test, and what to look for

Every email marketer knows that subject lines can make a huge difference to results, but finding the magic formula for writing subject lines is notoriously elusive. With so many variables to take into account; the length, word count, number of propositions, offer positioning, word choice – writing a subject line test plan can be a daunting task. In this interactive presentation from Alchemy Worx CEO Dela Quist, you will discover how what you test, when you test and how you measure success can have a profound impact on your results. The audience is encourage to bring along some examples of subject lines for Dela to critique. Dela-TLE

Presented by Dela Quist, Alchemy Worx

Deep Dive: Test Prioritization & Implementation for Large Sites

Large sites have an almost infinite number of potential tests. How can you prioritize which hypotheses are worth testing; figure out which to test first; and, then make sure tests are properly scheduled and implemented? This session is useful for anyone juggling too many testing ideas. KarlBlanks

Presented by Peter Hardingham, Conversion Rate Experts

Deep Dive: Practical Testing for Sites with Limited Resources

Not every company can run lots of tests, let alone utilize advanced methods like segmentation, dynamic content, etc…. If you are one of these sites, learn how you can optimize and ultimately increase conversions with limited resources. Picture1

Presented by Justin Rondeau, Editor, WhichTestWon

Deep Dive: Facebook Campaign CRO

In this session discover advanced conversion rate optimization tactics for Facebook ads, sponsored stories and brand pages. Includes a look at the metrics you should be watching, and the latest on Facebook’s frequently changing ad programs and targeting capabilities. Plus, Case Studies of real-life Facebook tests. tleandrea

Presented by Andrea Warner, Marketer’s Braintrust

Peer-to-Peer Roundtables: Ecommerce, Lead Generation & Engagement

Here’s your chance to pick your peer’s brains – find out what’s working best for their own conversion optimization and get their opinion on your own challenges. Don’t worry if you’re shy about networking – your moderator will help get the conversation going so you can get insights from new friends. The ecommerce and lead generation sessions will be held in separate rooms, so you are more likely to be sitting next to marketers from firms similar to your own.Plus, it’s a great way to get the conversation started just before our Networking Cocktail Party! tle leake

Testing Geek Panel: Q&A with Europe’s Top Testing Pros

Do you love inventing hypotheses, analyzing data, or debating which is the best testing tech? Join us for this no-holds-barred panel session where we pit hands-on experts against your toughest questions. London-Geek

Panelists include: Karsten Lund, Ton Wesseling, & Karl Gilis
Moderated by Justin Rondeau of WhichTestWon

Top 10 Takeaways from TLE Europe 2014

By the end of TLE Europe, your head will be swirling with almost too many ideas to put into action back at the office. This session helps you prioritize and execute based on common themes and biggest lessons for the testing community. AnneHolland

Conversion Cocktails with Your Peers

Enjoy drinks and appetizers with digital marketers from companies like yours. It’s the perfect way to break the ice and meet your fellow marketers. You are invited to two cocktail parties – the first on Opening Night before the main show begins (perfect for folks flying in from out of town); the second on the first night of the show – great for unwinding. tle partysmall

+ Explore the Expo Hall

Meet top conversion rate optimization (CRO) firms and test drive testing and analytics technology. Plus, win prizes on the Expo floor. It’s a great chance to meet some of the best testing vendors, all in one place. tlewebtrends

Your Breakfasts & Lunches Are Included

Breakfast and lunch are on us both days. Enjoy! tle lunch 2small

Note: Sessions and speakers are subject to change without notice. We’ll continue to update this site as any changes occur.