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The most inspirational - and useful - conference on A/B and multivariate testing

TLE USA’s 100% new sessions to help you improve conversions include:

Our 2015 sessions are coming soon. Below are the details for our 2014 sessions. . .


Note: See below for session details. For a table-style agenda, click here.

Keynote: High Impact Tests for 2014

As the head judge for the 6th annual Online Testing Awards, Justin Rondeau reviews conversion optimization test data from hundreds of companies around the globe. Now, he’ll take you behind-the-scenes at the awards, showing you which tests completely blew the judges away, and why. JustinRondeau_nobkrd
Presented by Justin Rondeau, Editor, WhichTestWon

Case Study: High Impact Landing Page Tests in an Insanely Competitive Market

Quicken Loans is famous for testing. In this exclusive case Study they’ll take you behind-the-scenes to reveal some of their highest impact landing page tests ever. DominiqueCharrette
Presented by Dominique Charrette, Quicken Loans

Case Study: How HomeAway Shifted to a Testing Culture

Whether you are involved in the travel or real estate verticals, or you’re trying to convince your own organization to do more testing, you’ll find this Case Study fascinating. Yes, it will include the results of two A/B tests which impacted conversions. TaniaShershin
Presented by Tania Shershin, Product Analytics Manager, HomeAway, Inc.

Case Study: Post-Test Analysis – How to Be Sure Your Win is Really a Win

Measuring the main test metrics like conversion, AOV and revenue is very important; but, unless you also do post-test analysis, you’re missing out on gold mind of rich, insightful data. If conversions go up by 10%, but cancellations or return requests go up by 20%… that is not a win. Discover how to consider data collected after the sale or conversion. MarshalDowney
Presented by Marshal Downey, Strategic Partnership Coordinator,

Case Study: Optimizing Chat

Chat buttons and invites can increase your conversion rates… or distract visitors. See the results of several chat button design and placement tests run by Extra Space Storage. EmilyEmmer
Presented by Emily Emmer, Optimization Manager, Extra Space Storage

Case Study: VistaPrint’s Advanced Testing Tactics

Voted one of the top speakers at last year’s TLE, VistaPrint’s top analyst will walk you through his lessons learned from new advanced tests and measurement analyses. Anyone working for an ecommerce site should pay close attention. CharanKarthikeyan
Presented by Charan  Karthikeyan, Lead Analyst, VistaPrint

Case Study: A/B Testing Mistakes I See All The Time

Peep Laja has seen his fair share of testing mistakes over the years, and he will share the top 10 tests mistakes he has seen over the course of his career. Peep Head Shot
 Presented by Peep Laja, ConversionXL

Case Study: Building a Testing Culture – My First 8 Months at a Fortune 500

The BB&T Corporation is an American bank with assets of US$182 billion and is publicly listed on the stock exchange. Creating change in an organization that big can’t be easy. Get inspiration for your own corporate culture challenges from this Case Study! MikePerla
Presented by Mike Perla, BB&T

Case Study: How Mothers Against Drunk Driving Went from Zero to Multivariate Testing

A behind-the-scenes look at how this national nonprofit doubled many of its fundraising responses in just one year by combining email and landing page optimization. This Case Study is for everyone who has to start (or restart) a testing program from scratch. tleellinger
Presented by Nicholas Ellinger, VP Strategic Outreach, Mothers Against Drunk Driving

Case Study: Small Element Tests With BIG Bottom Line Impact

Easy tests that really make a difference are worth their weight in gold. See which small element tests resulted in consecutive 5-10% conversion increases. Plus, learn how to extend these results to other site areas as well as your overall messaging. tlekylepower
Presented by: Kyle Power, Director Interactive Marketing, CHG Healthcare

Case Study: Avid’s Testing Strategy & Lessons Learned

Avid Technology’s site has to please a *very* visual audience — audio and video pros – who also need a ton of technical information to make a decision. How do you combine beautiful imagery, tech specs and easy navigation on a site with hundreds of products? Get answers from the results of Avid’s A/B tests. ArpineBabloyan
Presented by Arpine Babloyan, Avid

Case Study: Segmentation Testing Tactics

Segmentation is so powerful that 63% of marketers running tests use it. Discover how one marketer combined analytics insights and user behavior data to create higher impact segmentation tests. Plus, he’ll also reveal how he convinced management to let him buy testing tools and run the tests this telephony ecommerce site needed to perform better. RyanDahlstrom
Presented by Ryan Dahlstrom, Staff Manager – Interactive, Windstream Communications

Case Study: PayPal’s Testing Lessons Learned

PayPal has staff on multiple continents running tests to improve user experience and conversions. Now, get an exclusive behind-the-scenes look into their most recent lessons learned. RobinChiang
Presented by: Robin Chiang, Director Global Product Experimentation, PayPal

Case Study: Hyland Software’s Testing Approach – When in Doubt, Test it Out

Learn how testing has become an integral process for decision making at Hyland Software. Marc Majers will walk through Hyland’s process of creating winning tests explain how the data derived from testing has become the driving force for site changes. TLE-Marc
Presented by: Marc Majers, Hyland Software

Case Study: Using Persuasion to Convert

Marketers have to entice and persuade site visitors in order to increase their conversion rates. Learn how Shopify uses persuasion in their marketing campaigns to drive conversions. Tiffany-TLE
Presented by: Tiffany daSilva, Head of Conversion Rate Optimization, Shopify

Peer-to-Peer Roundtables: Ecommerce, Lead Generation & Engagement

Here’s your chance to pick your peer’s brains – find out what’s working best for their own conversion optimization and get their opinion on your own challenges. These lightly moderated sessions separate ecommerce, lead generation and engagement marketers into different rooms, so you are more likely to network with marketers in similar situations as your own. Plus, it’s a great way to get the conversation started just before our Networking Cocktail Party! tle leake
Get your website or landing pages featured in a peer-to-peer critiquing session. 
Submit your materials for consideration here.
NOTE: You must be present at the event to have your materials chosen.

Deep Dive: Triangulation – Using Surveys & Usability Tests with A/B Tests

Quantitative data – such as A/B test results – is not enough alone. To truly optimize your site for conversions, you must add qualitative data – such as surveys and usability studies – to the mix. Learn how big sites are combining data from multiple sources. tleandyedmundssmall
Presented by: Andy Edmonds, Distinguished Product Manager, Experimentation & Learning, eBay

Deep Dive: Lead Generation Optimization for Financial & Educational Offers

Handy tactics on translating test results into actionable reports. While there are myriad instructions for best practices on developing, running and measuring tests, most people know the best ways to convert their test data into an actionable report that their team/superiors can understand. Here’s your chance to close that gap! BrianJones
Presented by Brian Jones, Vice President, Search & UX, Zeta Interactive

Deep Dive: High Powered Email Marketing Tests

From simple subject line tests to complex frequency tests, there are a thousand and one ways to test your email campaigns. Discover which tend to produce the highest impact so you can focus and execute.  JeanneJennings-150
Presented by Jeanne Jennings, Vice President, Global Strategic Services, Alchemy Worx.

Deep Dive: Segmentation & Personalization

During this 60 minute Deep Dive session, you’ll learn how Extra Space Storage has used segmentation and personalization to improve conversions. Plus, you’ll also discover advanced tactics you can apply to your own site. MelissaBurdon
Presented by Melissa Burdon, Director of Optimization, Extra Space Storage

Deep Dive: Enticing Visitors to Fill Out Pop-Up and Mobile Forms

Featuring real-life lessons learned from LifeSize’s own lead generation tests, this session covers:
• Mobile form considerations (background images, text size, mobile legibility, page load time)
• Pop-up form considerations (offer copy, engagement throughout the funnel)
• Testing control pages vs. new designs
• Factoring in visitor data, what visitors are interacting with and where they are abandoning
Presented by Megan Lueders, VP Global Marketing, LifeSize, A division of Logitech and Abraham Nord, Conversion Improvement Dept. Head, SmartSearch Marketing

Deep Dive: Understanding the Mobile App Ecosystem

Mobile app ecosystems continue to heat up. And as users discover, download, and use your apps, understanding your customers and what they’re doing is incredibly important and has a direct impact on monetization. Leveraging smart analytics and analyzing key metrics can drive future monetization and new app discovery efforts, empowering you to become a smarter and more effective app developer or marketer. In short, your ability to drive maximum value from your app only starts after the download. In this session with Googler Adam Singer, you’ll learn about trends in the mobile app ecosystem, how to better market to mobile users and understand current customers better. adam-headshot
Presented by: Adam Singer, Analytics Advocate, Google

Deep Dive: Facebook Campaign Testing & Conversion Rate Optimization

In this session discover advanced conversion rate optimization tactics for Facebook ads, sponsored stories and brand pages. Includes a look at the metrics you should be watching, and the latest on Facebook’s frequently changing ad programs and targeting capabilities. Plus, Case Studies of real-life Facebook tests. tleandrea
Presented by Andrea Warner, VP, SEO Braintrust

Deep Dive: How To Succeed As a One Person Testing Department

If you are the only person in testing at your organization, this Deep Dive session will completely inspire and reinvigorate you. Discover how one man – working for a fairly complex site in a traditional organization – figured out how to juggle everything from planning, implementation, measurement and documentation for dozens of tests at a time. Not to mention making site changes based on test results, and promoting testing internally as a way to make data based decisions and changes. SteveRude
Presented by Steve Rude, Senior Marketer, Thomson Reuters

Deep Dive: Advanced Conversions for Bricks & Clicks

If you work for an ecommerce site with brick-and-mortar locations and/or a catalog, this deep dive session will address your testing strategy and concerns. Consumers are multichannel – your test measurements need to be as well. WilliamLeake
Presented by William Leake, CEO, ApogeeResults

Deep Dive: 3 Usability Techniques to Uncover What to Test

Discover the three most important usability (U/I) techniques you can use to create powerful test hypothesis. This Deep Dive Session takes you beyond basic button and headline tests into site template and page design tests to create better user experiences, which in turn raise conversions. AlankarTayal
Presented by Alankar Tayal, Sr. Manager, Usability & Optimization, Sage Software

Crafting the Perfect Marketing Message – A Technological Approach

A/B & MVT testing are great at telling you which message or call to action performed best during a test. However, with the rise of big data and advanced technology, we can create much more compelling messages. Learn how the people at Persado use big data to craft the perfect marketing message and increase conversions. Guy_Lawrence
Presented by Guy Krief, Sr. Vice President, Innovation & Lawrence Whittle, Sr. Vice President, Persado

Deep Dive: United Airlines Conversion Optimization

A behind-the-scenes look – useful for travel sites a well as sites with complex offers and heavy traffic NickHarris
Presented by Nick Harris, Sr. Manager Channel Optimization, United Airlines

Testing Geek Panel: Q&A with US’s Top Testing Pros

Do you love inventing hypotheses, analyzing data, or debating which is the best testing tech? Join us for this no-holds-barred panel session where we pit hands-on experts against your toughest questions. Austin-Geek

Panelists include Charan Karthikeyan, Peep Laja, & Matt Gershof
Moderated by Justin Rondeau of WhichTestWon

Top 10 Takeaways from TLE Austin 2014

By the end of TLE US, your head will be swirling with almost too many ideas to put into action back at the office. This session helps you prioritize and execute based on common themes and biggest lessons for the testing community. AnneHolland

Conversion Cocktails with Your Peers

Enjoy drinks and appetizers with digital marketers from companies like yours. It’s the perfect way to break the ice and meet your fellow marketers. You are invited to two cocktail parties – the first on Opening Night before the main show begins (perfect for folks flying in from out of town); the second on the first night of the show – great for unwinding. tle partysmall

+ Explore the Expo Hall

Meet top conversion rate optimization (CRO) firms and test drive testing and analytics technology. Plus, win prizes on the Expo floor. It’s a great chance to meet some of the best testing vendors, all in one place. tlewebtrends

Your Breakfasts & Lunches Are Included

Breakfast and lunch are on us both days. Enjoy! tle lunch 2small